is when you have a baby sleeping on your chest AND two free hands. I am IN LOVE with our Moby wrap, and so is Audrey. I only wish I’d gotten one sooner; it would have made for a much more productive maternity leave. We got ours a week or two ago, but I finally decided to figure out ALL the holds (instead of just the one we knew) yesterday when Audrey was really fussy. She ended up sleeping in it for 6-ish hours!

For those who don’t know, the Moby wrap is a loooong piece of t-shirt jersey-type fabric that you can fold different ways in order to “wear” your baby. Babies like it because they are close to mom, can hear her heartbeat, smell her and move with her (they feel like they are swaying like when they were in the womb.) It is nice to be able to cuddle with Audrey and do laundry at the same time! Hooray!

Today is my last official day of maternity leave. I have such mixed feelings about going back to work. I miss my coworkers, but I know that I will feel sad and guilty about leaving Audrey in daycare. I will miss her, and I know she will miss us. I worry about how she is going to do without us all day. I’m sure she’ll be fine, but I don’t want to miss even one of her adorable smiles!


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  1. Amy

    Wearing your baby is fantastic! People have been doing it for thousands of years for lots of reasons: babies cry less, learn more, and mom (or dad!) gets more done because both hands are available. I don't really understand why some parents would rather lug around a heavy carseat-type carrier than keep their babies close and their hands free.

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