We now understand it when people say…

that time goes so fast. Audrey hit 4 weeks old this weekend, and she is growing so fast. She’s over the 7lb mark and now fits into her newborn clothes; she used to swim in them! It literally seems like it happened overnight. A few days ago, she was still drowning in an outfit that fit her perfectly yesterday. I’m also halfway through my maternity leave…yuck! I am not a fan of her growing up as fast as she is, and I think Brian and I both realize that time is only going to go faster and faster. She has also (thankfully) started sleeping in 3-4 hour increments at night!
We are looking forward to a visit from my parents this upcoming week and a visit from Brian’s parents at the end of next week…Audrey is excited to meet her grandparents, and Brian & I are excited to be able to spend some time as just the two of us!

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