Happy due date to Audrey!

It’s hard to believe that we had been planning for Audrey to arrive either today or sometime after today and she has already been with us for over 2 weeks! And oh my, it has been quite the adventure!

She started off having a little bit of jaundice, so she spent 4 days/nights on the biliblanket, which is a UV light that goes under her onesie and plugs into the wall. This affected her sleep/our sleep because the only three-pronged outlets we have in our house are in the living room–that means we all slept in the living room for four nights! Her days/nights are still mixed up and she’s a little more fussy at night than we’d like. She has good nights, though, which make us hopeful that she’ll catch onto this sleeping at night thing eventually!

She is so fun to watch. She’s developing quite the personality already, and makes the funniest faces. She’s started to smile (usually after pooping or eating…), and she is ticklish on her stomach, under her arms and her feet. We’re still trying to decide who she looks the most like, but maybe it will be a while until we can figure it out. The ultrasound tech at our 36 week ultrasound said it looks like she has my chin, and I actually think that’s true…but I think she has Brian’s cheeks/nose.

Brian went back to work today after his 10 days of paternity leave, so it’s just me and Audrey until the two sets of grandparents come in October!


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  1. gotta love the Busches…especially the newest and most adorable member Audrey!! Congrats again Liz and Brian – I'm so excited for you two!!!

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