a full-term baby!

Audrey is now considered full-term and our hospital bags are packed! That pretty much means that she can come any time now. We had what we thought was our last non-stress test this past Friday, and while she did just fine, it looks like we’ll be going for NSTs up until she comes. She is still measuring small, and depending on how she measures next Friday, we may or may not have to go in for another ultrasound that day. Even though she’s still measuring small, she did catch up a little bit…last time she was measured, she measured 5 behind (whatever that means); this time, she measured at 4 behind.

I had a spa today with a facial and maternity massage, and it was amazing. I think that I’m going to start making this a twice-a-year (at least!) tradition.

The (almost) 37 week belly picture is below…we wore our Virginia orange & blue in honor of gameday weekend, but in true Virginia fashion, we were only disappointed in (and embarrassed by) UVa’s performance today. It looks to be another long season!


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