Not quite the appointment we expected…

Well, Audrey worried us a little bit today!

We were scheduled for her 35/36 week growth ultrasound and first internal exam today, so we went into the doctor’s office and we were all excited to see her. The internal was fine, and I’m a little bit effaced and about 1cm dilated. However, the doctor measured Audrey a little smaller than she wanted to see, so we were then sent for a special ultrasound on a more advanced machine over in the radiology building. Of course I’m starting to worry a little bit at this point, but Brian is keeping his cool. After the extra ultrasound, I get a call from the doctor’s office saying that she is only in the 20th percentile and while they aren’t going to worry just yet, I have to go into the doctor later in the afternoon for a fetal non-stress test. I also have to have another NST this Friday, next Tuesday and the Friday after that.
The NST test results were just fine, and the doctor said that basically Audrey could just be a small baby. As I’m sure I’ve mentioned, Brian and I were both small babies, so it’s not out of the question for her to be small. Audrey has pretty much already dropped and in position for birth, which could also be why my stomach wasn’t measuring quite so big. Fluids look fine, she is getting enough oxygen and the umbilical cord seems to be working fine too. I have to pay extra attention now to how often she moves just to make sure that she is still doing okay. The doctor said that if we were at full-term, being in the 20th percentile means they would induce her delivery (exactly what we DON’T want), but since she has 1.5 more weeks until she is full-term, she gets to stay in there. We are crossing our fingers that she starts to catch up so that we don’t need to induce.
I would like to know where all of this weight I’m gaining is going to since she is measuring small!
In other news, she is still a girl and has hair and super chubby cheeks (see the picture below). The ultrasound tech said it looks like she has my chin, ha ha.
Even though it seems like everything is fine (at least at this point), it was a long and stressful day and we’re going to pack our hospital bag sometime tonight or tomorrow just in case…


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3 responses to “Not quite the appointment we expected…

  1. Liz….you, Brian and Baby Busch are definitely in my thoughts and prayers!!!! I know that she can get up to the right range in the next week or so….she can do it…she is after all a Busch!!! I'm also praying you get the birth that you want and not the inducement! 🙂 I'm sure today was stressful for you both, so hopefully tonight you'll be able to rest and relax (as much as you can)….

  2. Hey, they were concerned exactly the opposite with Haley, they thought she was big, so they did the better ultrasound over across the street and told us she would be a mid 8 at the MOST. 9lbs 2oz later we had a perfectly healthy baby girl (2 weeks early). Really don't put a lot of stock in what they say her weight could be, and have faith in the medical team there. Depsite it being Great Falls, they really do have an incredible team of doctors and nurses who take great care of babies and mommies no matter what size they are. Oh, and enjoy those non stress tests as a nice break from work and a chance to do nothing but sit in the comfy chair – just don't get stuck like I did.

  3. Glad to hear that your NST's have been normal and that Audrey looks goods on U/S. Perhaps she's just a little lady. 🙂

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