Generous friends and hilarious puppies

I had a huge surprise waiting for me when I came home from work on Thursday: about 13 of my friends from Virginia (some from CSM, some from ADPi, some from both) had sent us a “shower in a box” since we are all so far away from each other and can’t have a real-life shower. It was completely unexpected and very appreciated. I started crying when I figured out what it was because it was so sweet. Audrey is very lucky to have so many people who already love her, and Brian & I are very lucky as well. She is going to be one stylish & preppy little baby…just how we planned it!

It has been pretty warm here over the last few days, so we took the puppies to swim in the pond on base yesterday. Angie loves to swim, but will only go into the water when you throw something to her. TJ will go in all by himself and just swim around for 20 minutes at a time, just chasing the splashes he makes. It was pretty funny to watch. This was only his second time swimming, and he was a little bit tentative at first (we think he forgot that he knows how to swim), but once he got in and realized that he can create splashes, he would NOT come out no matter how many times we called him!

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