our quick get-away to Billings

Brian and I decided to take a quick, one-night trip to Billings this past Thursday into Friday. We figured it was one of the last long weekends we’d have before Audrey came, and we really needed to get out of Great Falls, even if it was just for a day. It was a little bit over a 3 hour drive, but it seemed to go semi-quickly.

We spent Thursday walking around Billings’ downtown, which was a lot bigger than I think either of us expected it to be. It was full of little shops and LOTS of little restaurants to eat at. Luckily, I already had it in my head that I wanted Thai, so that narrowed it down quite a bit for us. It had been a long time (aka: since being in Buffalo for our wedding) that I’d had really good Thai, and this Thai was amazing. It was so spicy, though, and we both had to stop eating because our mouths were in pain. Afterwards, we cooled off our tongues by going to Cold Stone…this was a huge treat because this is the closest Cold Stone to Great Falls, so needless to say, we don’t get it very often. Brian also got to “indulge” by going to Best Buy, another business that Great Falls is lacking.
On Friday, we woke up and went to breakfast at a little bakery next to the hotel, and proceeded to get ready to go to Rimrock Mall, which happens to be the largest mall in Montana. Compared to what we’ve been used to for the last few years, it was pretty big, but it still didn’t compare to malls on the east coast. We did a little shopping, and built a bunny for Audrey at the Build-a-Bear. Afterwards, per Brian’s request, we had lunch at BW3 (yet another place we don’t have in Great Falls) and made one last Cold Stone run before heading home. We were pretty sad to leave because we both had a really good time. It was so relaxing and we wish Billings was closer than it is.
Our 4th of July was also pretty fun. We went to a cookout with a lot of our friends, and watched them shoot off fireworks until pretty late at night. Fireworks are legal in Montana, so it almost looked like the whole city was on fire last night. It was a bit chilly/windy, though, and we were all in jeans & fleeces…ah, summer in Montana.
As a sidenote, it was two years ago today that Brian proposed. It’s crazy how fast time moves and the way things change!


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  1. she is going to love that bunny! so exciting that it is almost time to meet your bundle of joy!!! 🙂 time really does fly! sounds like you two had an awesome little get-a-way and a fun fourth of july! have a great week friend!

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