June has started off with a bang

The end of May and beginning of June have definitely been a whirlwind for us. Brian’s mom and brother came in to visit us for a few days for Brian’s promotion. We stayed pretty busy almost the whole weekend and didn’t have too much time to rest. It was a lot of fun, though, and it was a definite reminder of how much we miss our families.

On the Saturday that they were here, we walked around the little shops in downtown Great Falls (that didn’t take too long) and had lunch. Then we had some of our friends over for a cook-out that night. On Sunday, we had some more people over for lunch (which lasted way past lunch!) and Brian and I had our first Baptism class for Audrey. On Monday, Brian was promoted and he and I spent about 2 hours in the ID office waiting to get our military ID’s updated…fun. We also went for a nice dinner at Dante’s (one of the few nice restaurants in Great Falls). We spent Tuesday in Helena because we were getting a 4-D ultrasound done of Audrey and we wanted to shop! All in all, it was a hectic four days.

Audrey was not as cooperative at her 4-D ultrasound as she was at her anatomy ultrasound. She was really comfortable cuddling up to the placenta and not letting us get too many good face shots. She moved a little bit after I did some jumping jacks, though. She is definitely an active baby. It was really cool to see how big she’s gotten even in the last five weeks and to see her heartbeat and her bones. She moved her mouth a lot and stuck out her tongue. She likes to lay with her feet above her head (which explains why I feel strong kicks so often), so we think she’ll be an athlete. Seeing her really helped us to bond even more with her. I feel like even now we’re sort of getting a dose of her personality and we love her more and more every day. She looooves to move around and kick, and I can’t help but smile every time I feel her.

The tech said she was measuring a little bit small (about a week behind the due date), but that her due date will stay the same because she may not have gone through her growth spurt yet. Plus, Brian and I were both smaller babies, so she could be smaller as well (I won’t complain about that…). She was measuring at 1lb, 1oz and her little feet are 3.4 cm big!

The first two pictures are 3-d’s of her face (she is smiling in the second one!). The third one shows her most common position (feet above head), and you can see her little bones in the fourth one!



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  1. oh my goodness – that is a whirlwind 4 days!!!! but first things first…CONGRATS to Brian! 🙂 and now, jumping jacks to get Audrey moving??? That's crazy! There is a woman that I'm pretty sure is at full nine months at the Gold's gym here, always on the Arc trainer…I so worry that one day her precious little one is going to be born at Gold's Gym Charlottesville! Ha! Seriously though, the pictures are amazing! I'm still so happy and so excited for you too! And as you know already, I totally feel you about missing family – definitely love when they visit!!! Have a great week!

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