May in Montana

It has been a busy few weeks since we last posted. We (I) have been consumed with shopping for Audrey & trying to plan out her nursery, and we’ve both been consumed with work. Brian is pretty busy with his new job in OSS and it’s the busy recruiting season at the university. It’s nice to have Brian home the majority of the month now, but I’ve found that his being gone from 730am-430pm every day makes him even messier than he was before (sorry Bri)! And now I can’t justify giving him a to-do list as easily as I could when I was working all day and he was sitting at home between alerts.

Audrey has been busy growing and kicking like crazy. As you can tell from the bump picture, she’s getting pretty big. What’s funny is that I can’t really tell that I’m getting much bigger until I see myself in pictures. I started being able to see her moving around from the outside today…pretty strange to see your whole stomach move when she lets out a good kick or squirm. Brian and I are getting less cautious about “interacting” with her and will push gently on my stomach to get her moving. She’s pretty fun to play with, even before being born.

She can now also taste what I’m eating because she can swallow amniotic fluid. Apparently, what I eat now can influence her tastes when she is born. I’m trying really hard to eat healthy things, but sometimes cookies just call to me.

She is also perfecting her hearing and finds my voice most soothing. Brian and I did a little research as to why, and it’s because my voice is associated with vibrations she feels when I talk. She should be able to recognize Brian’s voice once she is born, too. She can also hear things outside the womb, especially if they are at low frequencies, so when Brian talks to her, he’ll talk looooow, haha. Even though a lot of people play classical music to their baby in the womb, studies have shown that they may not be able to hear it that well because of the frequencies of the string instruments/woodwinds/etc. She should be able to hear music with a lot of bass, though. And apparently, the type of music we play for her is less important than how that music makes ME feel. Interesting, huh? We also read that if we play the same song(s) for her in the womb frequently, that song (or songs) will continue to be soothing to her once she is born.

We are looking forward to Brian’s mom and brother coming out to visit next weekend for Brian’s promotion ceremony. We have a lot of things planned, including a 4-d ultrasound which we’ll definitely post pictures of afterwards.

We hope everyone has a great long weekend!



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2 responses to “May in Montana

  1. hey, it’s so great catching up with you on here! you look amazing! and all the information on your daughter- love it!! which made me think of my oldest sister – she must’ve read what you read too, b/c she played Jay Z (I think it was him, or another similar rap artist while Logan (oldest son) was in the womb and it soothed him out of it…I tell you right now, I can’t handle Jay Z anywhere anytime! Ha! Alright, back to Barbri class for me! Have a great week!

  2. Joe

    Hi Bits and Brian……..I'm guessing you're playing Billy Joel's "Lullaby" to our granddaughter too!Love all three of you! Miss you a lot!Mom and Dad

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