completely in love with our daughter

Let us introduce our little daughter, Audrey Grace. We found out yesterday morning that she was a girl, and, more importantly, that she is 100% healthy and on track to the day of where she is supposed to be. I think we’re both pretty obsessed with her already, so our apologies in advance for constantly talking and bragging about her.

Seeing her on the ultrasound for an hour was an indescribable feeling. It was amazing to see how everything is developing and I know we both feel so much more bonded with her. I can’t wait for September when we can both give her a hug.

She was so well-behaved yesterday, too! She cooperated completely with the ultrasound tech and only got a little shy (or sleepy) when it came time to videotape her. I was a little worried that she’d either be moving way too much or not enough at all, but it seemed like my breakfast of cereal and half a glass of juice did the trick. She was moving around almost the whole time; she was kicking, punching, and opening her mouth constantly (she is going to be a talker!). The tech said she was one of the best pictures/ultrasounds she’s had in a very long time (see, here comes the bragging). She also said that Audrey had some pretty “ripped” biceps…maybe we have a little future volleyball or soccer player!

Audrey currently likes to nestle with her head in the bottom right-hand corner of the uterus and her feet resting on my bladder (of course). She is a burrower! And not to get all technical on you, but the tech said that since my placenta is in the back and I am on the smaller side (even though it does not feel that way anymore), it’s no wonder we’ve been feeling her moving around constantly because there is no cushion between her and me. We’re not complaining about getting to feel her move around, though! Speaking of which, Brian was able to feel her moving around starting early this past week.

We’ve already picked out bedding and are in the process of starting her soon-to-be absolutely amazing wardrobe. It’s a good thing JCrew’s children’s clothing line doesn’t start until the age of 2!



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2 responses to “completely in love with our daughter

  1. so excited for you! and especially happy that she is a healthy little one!!! Can’t wait to meet her, bah!!!!

  2. I’m so sorry it took me so long to comment…no internet in VA yet…anyways my point is…CONGRATS on your daughter! I am so excited for you two and what an absolutely lovely name you have picked out! I am going to need to know 2 things: 1) where you are registered and 2) your address! Congrats again, and may you be blessed throughout the rest of your pregnancy (hopefully with no more snow and no more silly 5 miles over the speed limit cops)!!!!

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