today made me want to go back to Great Falls

(and that is a serious thing to say!)

I had the travel day from hell today. It actually started a month or two ago when my flight out of Great Falls was changed from a noon flight to a 6:25am flight. That’s irritating, but easy enough to get over. Anyway, everything was pretty smooth today until my flight from Salt Lake City to Burbank…that’s when things got a little nerve-wracking. We get an announcement from the pilot saying that the plane was going to be diverted to LAX instead of Burbank because one of the flaps on the wing was broken and the runway at LAX is longer than Burbank. Because of how short Burbank’s runway is, he refused to land it there because it wasn’t safe. Okay, no problem, especially since I didn’t really have any plans for the afternoon. Then, I watch the flight attendant get a call from the pilot and see her go back to talk with the exit rows. I know it’s just standard, but of course that makes me really nervous! Then she gets on the main phone with all of us and tells us that there are going to be a lot of firetrucks and ambulances when we land but not to panic…hmm. Much easier said than done, especially when I had been awake since 430am and was exhausted and prone to panic. We land at a speed about 1/3rd faster than normal which was sort of scary; the pilot used almost the entire runway at LAX, too. Thank goodness we landed safely, but it was definitely a sobering few minutes.

After we land, we sit on the plane for a while to figure out whether they are going to fix the flap and then fly onto Burbank or whether we can all get off at LAX. This process takes about 45 minutes, and eventually it’s decided that people who want to continue onto Burbank will be shuttled there and those who want to leave from LAX could do so because they didn’t want to risk flying the plane again. I waited for the Burbank shuttle because I didn’t have a) a rental car at LAX and 2) directions from LAX to where I was supposed to go. Getting off the plane and onto the shuttle was another ordeal, and the traffic was horrible (of course), so getting from LAX to Burbank was an hour-long trip. All of this was totally fine with me (and most of the other passengers, I think…aside from a few annoying ones, of course) because I was just happy we were there safely. As the day progressed, though, I was more and more ready for it to just end.

I get my rental from the Burbank Airport and much to my chagrin, it’s an off-airport rental. Last time, I was able to pick up my rental right from the airport. Any other day and this might have been okay, but I was already stressed and tired and running way later than expected, so this didn’t make me happy either. Then, after picking up the rental, I had an hour-long drive from Burbank to Anaheim. I get on the highway, only to see that my tire pressure light is on so I have to get off to check the pressure. The tires look fine and Brian tells me that Chevy tends to have horrible and inaccurate light gauges. So, we continue onto Anaheim. As a sidenote, LA traffic doesn’t stress me, it just annoys me. I want to drive rather than constantly stopping and going and having to watch out for interchanges. Argh.

Anyway. I get to the hotel and go up to my room. I decide to go set up the UGF table early at the fair and walk the half a block to the convention center with 40 lb bag plus a huge box of marketing materials. It was painful! Then, no one who worked at the gigantic convention center could tell me where the fair was, so I wandered between three floors trying to find it until I eventually called Brian (in tears because I was so ready to be done with the day) and made him look it up online.

After we FINALLY found it, Baby and I got to eat dinner (we hadn’t eaten since about 930am) and relax a little bit. It’s about 8pm here and I’m already close to crashing in bed. I figure it can only go up from today, right? Although it is supposed to be HOT (90s) for the next three days…so I can’t decide if I think that’s too hot or perfect temps. I was hoping for a gentler introduction to summer weather than going from 50 degrees to 95 degrees in a day!

BUT in exciting news, I’ve been feeling the baby today! He/she is probably angry with the lack of a peaceful, relaxed and well-nourished mom and is moving like crazy just to prove his/her point.


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