Goodbye, First Tri!

I’m happy to report that we are out of the first trimester! We’ll be 13 weeks on Sunday, and Baby will be the size of a peach by then. I’m pretty much done with any sort of nausea that I had before (I only get it now when I need to eat so it’s not usually an all day lingering feeling anymore). I also don’t go to sleep right after dinner anymore…at least not ALL the time. My recent frustration is the fact that my clothes aren’t fitting quite as nicely or comfortably as they were before, but I guess I can’t complain too much because I can still button and zip my pants. This is a good thing because Great Falls has a severe lack of maternity clothing options (as well as a lack of other things…) so I’m hoping to hold out on any major shopping until I go to southern California in April. I am getting pretty anxious to know what we’re having though because it’s been really hard to refrain from buying every cute baby outfit I see, whether it’s for a girl OR boy.

Other than Baby, things are pretty much business as usual. Our jobs and classes are stressing both of us out and we’re pretty ready for warmer temps, which it seems we’ll be getting this weekend. It’s supposed to be in the upper 40s and 50s for a while, and hopefully that sticks because I know the dogs miss being outside constantly and playing with their other dog friends.

We heard that we might be getting neighbors in April which is not an exciting prospect for us. We (and I think most of the other people living in the “old” houses on base) have enjoyed the quiet neighborhood that we’re in and had expected it to stay that way until we left because they are tearing down our houses within the next year and a half or so and had stopped moving people in…unfortunately, some of the new houses they had built a few years ago for the enlisted people were shoddily constructed, so they’re moving all of those people out of their houses and into the old houses that have been vacant for a while. This means our neighborhood won’t be quiet and isolated anymore and we have to (gasp) share our gigantic driveway which we’ve gotten so used to. Since we are lucky and have a four bedroom house (unlike most of the other officers on our street who have a three bedroom house), we have a feeling we’ll have a family with a lot of children living next to us…regardless, hopefully they are nice, non-disruptive people who don’t torment our dogs. I feel like such an old lady now when I complain about noise in the neighborhood and children running around our driveway!


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  1. so happy that you made it to the 2nd tri! I hear it’s a honeymoon of a time so enjoy it!!!

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