10 weeks and counting

So we have been blessed with the presence of Baby Busch for 10 weeks now. It’s a little insane that we are already into our third month and less than two weeks away from being done with the first trimester! We have our next doctor appointment on Tuesday, March 10 when we are at 11+ weeks and I think I’ll finally be able to relax once we get to see Baby again and hopefully hear (rather than just see) the heartbeat. Also, the ultrasound pictures will look more like a baby and less like a lima bean! It is so amazing to me to read how our little one is developing week-by-week. Our favorite thing to do every Sunday is to look at the “How Big is Baby?” section on http://www.thebump.com to see what Baby is up to that week.

I have been feeling great this week which is definitely a blessing. I was a little more nauseous than usual last week so I am even more grateful for a few days void of nausea. I made Brian take a “belly picture” yesterday so that I can remember the days of a flat stomach because who knows when that will start to disappear. I saw the difference in belly pictures between someone when she was 10 weeks and then again when she was 12, and she had definitely popped! That was enough motivation to get that picture taken ASAP!

In other baby-related news, we bought a crib this week which means that the beginning stages of the nursery are starting. Brian is starting to move the office into one of the other spare rooms in the house so that we can use that room as the baby’s room. We will probably not paint (sad) because Baby will only be in this house from the end of Sept/beginning of October through February (at the earliest) and June (at the latest). We’ll have to get creative on how to make the room cute without a wall color. I’ve already been perusing Pottery Barn Kids and am falling in love with all of their baby stuff! It’s hard to start picking stuff out without knowing the sex of the baby (though we have our suspicion on what it is…). Even though I love the gender-neutral colors of green and yellow, I’d like to pair them with either pink or blue depending on the sex. We still have a while to find out, though!


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  1. Try some of the rub-on wall appliques. They’re a great way to avoid painting, and since they’re basically giant stickers, there are some that work on both rough or smooth walls. They’re really popular, pretty easy to use, and they come in all prints/designs/sizes. I’m 100% positive that there are plenty of baby/pastel ones on the market, and they’re easy to find online and in decorating stores. Good luck!

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