a new addition in September

Sorry for the lack of posting in the last month, but Brian and I have had a lot on our plates. We found out four weeks ago that we are going to have a new little baby joining our family in late September! It was a little bit of a surprise, but we are both excited. It’s been a huge new thing to get used to for us, especially for me because I was not expecting to have to give up caffeine and wine (and unexpected things like cold cuts, brie cheese and sprouts) so soon! We didn’t want to make it public until we at least saw the heartbeat because after that the risk of miscarriage falls to between 1-5%, so fingers crossed that baby stays healthy.

The baby is 8+ weeks old and will hit 9 weeks on Sunday. We were able to see both the baby and the heartbeat last week, and everything looks good. The doctor says that the head is probably on the bottom in this picture, and that its heart is beating at 156 bpm. It is the size of a blueberry in the picture, but as of today it’s actually the size of a raspberry. During its ninth week, it will be around the size of a green olive. Baby is growing fast!

I’ve been feeling fine for the most part. I’ve been a lot more tired than usual, and probably crankier than usual though Brian hasn’t said anything about that (good husband). I get a little nauseous every once in a while but it’s usually if I smell something that doesn’t sit well with me or if I don’t have enough in my stomach. It sort of feels like being hungover, minus the fun of actually getting to drink wine/cosmos/mojitos. It could be a lot worse and I’m grateful that it’s not!

We’ll be sure to update the blog with any news about baby and his/her development.


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