a quick update

Just to do a quick update, we have both been pretty busy since January began. Work has been busy for both of us and we are now in the full swing of our classes. I am taking a Forensic Psychology class which I am really excited about. The professor was a three-time forensic psychologist on the case of Jon-Benet Ramsey, so I’m sure it will be an enlightening class.

We have been lucky enough to have nice temperatures lately. It was in the 60s today and will be around the same temp up until Thursday or so. The dogs LOVE being able to play outside all day long (and we love it too). I am happy that the massive amount of snow that we had is now almost gone and Brian is happy to be able to grill. This heat wave makes me ready for spring but I know I can’t get my hopes up since it’s only the 3rd week of January. I know everyone on the East Coast is cursing us right now for our warmer temps, but I think that we earned it after the last month or so here!

We are looking forward to Valentine’s Day weekend because we will be spending some time at the Grand Union Hotel in Fort Benton (www.grandunionhotel.com). It looks really nice, but we have heard rumors that it’s haunted! We’ll keep everyone updated on whether or not we have any close encounters with ghosts or surreal experiences. And not only do we get to spend a night at the Grand Union, but I also have a 4-day weekend. Hurray!

This is a big week for the United States, and I am pretty sad that I can’t be in Virginia for some inauguration festivities. Rest assured, we will both be watching on Tuesday…I may have to shut my office door and pretend that I’m working in order to get the quiet time, but hey, this is a once in a lifetime event!


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