so this is the new year…

We hope everyone had a good holiday season. We spent a fun Christmas Eve night with a bunch of friends, and Brian spent Christmas day with some friends as well while I spent it flying back to Virginia. Luckily, my travels to the east coast went smoothly, but it was a whole other story trying to getting back west. I showed up at the airport in Charlottesville at 4:30am on Tuesday morning only to find that my flight to Detroit had been canceled for “maintenance”. Is there a worse time of day to tell someone that they basically woke up before the crack of dawn for no reason? They then had a hard time finding other flights to accomodate me and eventually ended up putting me in a taxi to the Richmond Airport so that I could catch a flight out of there. Then, my flight from Minneapolis to Great Falls was delayed by an hour; it ended up being a long, exhausting day.

Despite the travel stresses, my trip to Charlottesville was great. It was nice to spend time there just relaxing and enjoying friends, family and the area. I especially enjoyed my trip to the Kennedy Center to see Legally Blonde. What a beautiful place! And the show was really fun, too. I got to enjoy UVA a little bit too when I spent some time on Grounds with Jason on Friday and Emily & Caitlin on Monday. It is still as beautiful as when I left!

Even though I had a great time, I missed Brian a lot. It’s always a trade-off, it seems. I love being in Virginia, but I don’t like being away from Brian; I love being with Brian, but don’t like Montana…I can’t wait for the day when I can be with Brian and in a location that I enjoy all at once!

Here is a “we are meant to be married” story. While I was in Virginia, Brian told me a story about how he was doing 40 mph in a 40 mph zone in Great Falls. There was snow on the roads, but he has four wheel drive, so it’s not really an issue for him. He passed an older man who was doing 30 mph on that road, and that man proceeded to follow Brian to his barber’s parking lot in order to tell him that he was “speeding”. The very next day I had a similar experience in Virginia. There is a semi-curvy road near my parents’ house where the speed limit is 45 mph (with the exception of around the curves, obviously). I had an old guy pull out in front of me and then go 30 mph for the entire length of the road. It’s a really long road, too…probably 5 miles or so. I kept one car length behind him the whole way, despite really struggling to go that slowly. He also kept braking in the middle of the road for no reason, and took up the entire road so that I couldn’t pass him. When we reached the end of the road and are about to turn onto 29, he stops so that I can’t pass him, comes up to my window, and proceeds to lecture me about how the speed limit is “what makes you feel safe” and that despite what the signs say, you don’t actually have to do 45 mph down the road. He then says I followed too closely to him and sort of ignores me when I say he could have pulled over and let me pass if he felt really uncomfortable with it, especially since he’s the one who pulled out in front of me. The whole time, though, I just thought about how funny it was that the same thing happened to both of us in the span of 2 days because people don’t believe in the speed limit. Just because you are old doesn’t mean that you can make up your own traffic rules!

We had a really fun New Year’s Eve last night! Our good friends, Chad and Adina, had a party at their house and almost all of our favorite people were there to celebrate with us. One of my friends and I actually walked in on Chad proposing to Adina! Oops…but we are so excited for the two of them and can’t imagine a better start to 2009!


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2 responses to “so this is the new year…

  1. Joe

    and despite the omission, we had a great time at the UVa women’s basketball game!!!Dad

  2. Sounds like a great trip, with the exception of the travel problems. I can’t imagine how the people who were stuck in airports for 4 days at a time managed… Happy New Year!

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