Run run reindeer

I can’t believe how fast Christmas came this year! It seems like the time between September and December has just flown by. We’ve both finished up classes for the semester (quarter for Brian) and we did pretty well. I’m off from work for 2 weeks (the perks of working at a university) so it has been really nice to have time to relax.

The weather here has been consistently bad. Negative temps, snow, wind…the usual. We got rear-ended at a stoplight yesterday by someone who was speeding and didn’t slow down in time. That is the second winter in a row that it’s happened…hopefully nothing worse than that happens this winter or next winter. We just keep telling ourselves that we have a little over a year left and then we get to leave. Sometimes reminding ourselves of that helps and sometimes it just makes it seem like this is going to be the longest year of our lives!

We are spending Christmas Eve with a bunch of friends tomorrow, and then I will be flying home to Virginia on Christmas day while Brian spends it here with some friends. He was on alert last year on Christmas day and volunteered to do it again this year, so I figured I was safe if I flew on Christmas day, but that wasn’t the case! I’ll be gone until the 30th and will be enjoying the warm(er) weather, JCrew (of course), Charlottesville, UVa, friends, family, Bodo’s and LEGALLY BLONDE at the Kennedy Center. My one fear is that the weather won’t be clear and travel will be stressful…fingers crossed for a smooth flying experience.

We hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

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  1. i hope you two have a fantastic Christmas Eve together and maybe with a little better weather or at the very least more cautious drivers….and of course safe and timely travels!!! Enjoy C’ville – I miss it already!!!! Merry Christmas!!!

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