(Do not) let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Let me start by saying that I hate snow. More specifically, I hate driving in it. I always feel traumatized after doing it. Yes, I lived for 12 years in Buffalo, NY, but I learned to drive in Virginia where it doesn’t snow that often, and when it does, you stay inside. I have all the confidence in the world that Coco (the Corolla) and I can handle the snow if we are driving by ourselves with nobody surrounding us, but when you add other drivers (especially Great Falls drivers) to that mix, I get nervous. Maybe that’s because last year I was rear-ended by a semi-truck while I was stopped at a stoplight.

Anyway, our Thanksgiving was good. We spent it at a friend’s house, and we had a really fun time with lots of good food (including a 29lb turkey!) and board games. It’s always a little sad to be away from home during the holidays (especially during such a family-oriented holiday), but this is the life of a military family, I guess. It’s definitely hard to not feel left out of a lot of things because we’re so far away. Even though it’s tough to be away from family, it’s nice to have good friends here to celebrate with.

In other news, Brian and I are trying to finish up our classes for the semester so we’re both a little bit stressed. I am completely done with one class and have two more to finish, so I am counting down the days until that happens (December 15!). I am also not too thrilled about UVA’s football season. How can Al Groh still be our coach?! I just don’t understand. We talk about how we want to raise the level of our football team, but how can we do that when we keep the same sub-par coach for years? If we were an SEC team, Groh would have been gone a long time ago, but now we have to settle for another 3 years of inconsistent football. Okay. The end.

We have also (sort of) decorated our house for the holidays; all that’s left is our tree! Our cards are all addressed and just waiting to be sent out, and most of our Christmas shopping is done, including for our puppies. Angie is getting a new collar (shhh, don’t tell her) from JCrew (photo on the right), and TJ is getting a specialized UVA tag for his collar. They’ll also get lots of bones! It’s hard to buy gifts for them when they tear up everything that is soft and squeaky.

We hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving and that all of our friends in grad school aren’t too stressed out right now!


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  1. I love that you have a Rolla, me too – but mine never really got a name! My twin sister always names the cars, so I’m still waiting! Anyways, I just wanted to pop in and say hello, Good luck, and that’s an adorable collar!! Have a great day!

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