My (sort of) brush with the stars

I feel like I need to blog about everything I’ve done in Los Angeles before I forget all of it! Aside from the horrible traffic (if I survived LA traffic, I can survive anything!), I really enjoyed my time here. I spent minimal amount of time in the downtown area, but really liked Burbank, Glendale and Hollywood. It’s funny that everyone here apologizes for the “cold weather” when it is 60 degrees out. It is a totally different culture here than back east and Montana.

On Tuesday I drove down Sunset Boulevard and passed Bel-Air (with the Fresh Prince theme song running through my head) and UCLA. I also visited the high school that Mariska Hargitay (Detective Benson on SVU) went to! That, aside from a little bit of shopping, was the highlight of the day.

On Wednesday I went to this really cool outdoor mall with stores like JCrew (!), Armani Exchange, Tiffany’s, etc…you know, all the high-end stores. They had a fountain in the middle where the water did shows. It was pretty crazy! There was also a three-story Barnes and Noble where my heroine, Martha Stewart, is scheduled for a book signing on Monday. I JUST MISSED HER. ARGH.

Today (Thursday) was by far my most fun and touristy day here. I visited a school in Santa Monica and saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time while I was there! It was beautiful. Afterwards, I headed back to Burbank where I passed the ABC studios (and saw where they tape Samantha Who, Private Practice and that new Bolt movie), NBC studios, Walt Disney studios and the WB studios. I also saw where they tape Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Now when I see his “Jaywalking” segment, I will actually know what road they are walking down!

I also spent the afternoon and evening on Hollywood Boulevard! I kept a watchful eye out for the drunken driving of Paris Hilton, but did not see anything; however I DID see the Hollywood sign and the Walk of Stars! I also saw Wicked, and loved it! My new goal in life is to be in a musical. Well, actually, it isn’t a new goal, but I forgot about it for a while until now.

All in all, it was a pretty fun trip. I never did fulfill my goal of having an In-N-Out burger. I figured that it was a staple for any visit to LA. If it was good enough to get Paris to drive drunk, I felt like I needed to try it! I just couldn’t bring myself to have a fast food burger, though.

Back to Great Falls tomorrow, but I’ll be traveling back to Charlottesville in December for the week between Christmas and New Year’s!


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