a lot of new additions

Well, we’ve had a lot of things happen in the week since we last posted. We have a new addition to the family named TJ (short for Thomas Jefferson. I’m hoping no explanation is necessary on the name). He is a black lab/border collie mix, and he and Angie get along perfectly. They play constantly! Between Brian and me working, we felt a little guilty leaving Angie by herself during the day…plus, when she is bored, she chews. TJ seems to be helping the situation a little bit, thank goodness! And now Angie has a friend to play with. The yellow lab (Hope) in the backyard behind ours is jealous and tries to dig a hole under her fence to get into our yard to play with Angie and TJ. I think it’s cute, but Brian isn’t too happy about the holes in the ground.

We also decided that instead of giving each other Christmas gifts this year, we were going to combine and get ourselves a Wii! It is so much fun, and I totally beat Brian in bowling and boxing (not really, but in the effort exerted, I definitely won). We really want to get a Wii Fit but can’t find one around here, so the search will continue.

These next two weeks are big inspection weeks for the base here, so Brian and all of the other Air Force boys are a little stressed out. As for me, I am playing in a Homecoming Powderpuff football game tonight and heading to Los Angeles next week, so I am anything but stressed! Warm weather, here I come! I am planning on going to see Wicked in Hollwood on my last night there, so I’m really excited. I’ve also never seen the Pacific Ocean, so maybe this is the trip where that will happen!


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  1. oh my goodness…TJ is ADORABLE!!!! And, I LOVE the name!!! So super cute! Matt and I have talked about after we get married and are living in C’ville getting Rufus (a yellow lab). I already have Molly my 6-yr. old Choc. lab, and I definitely think in C’ville she will need a playing buddy! However, I nipped that chewing thing in the butt – of course that is after I conceded the back of my couch – seriously, it can only go flat against a wall or it looks HORRIBLE! ha! ha! I hope you have a blast in the sunny weather and that you enjoy Wicked! Matt and I got to see Lion King in NYC last Christmas – I can only assume Wicked is just as good!!! Have a great week and here’s hoping the inspection goes GREAT for your hubby! 🙂

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