The holidays are a-comin’

It seems really hard to not get caught up in all of the Christmas excitement this year, even though it’s only October. Usually I’m not like this, but I blame it on having a brand new house and a brand new marriage. It will be our first married Christmas in our first house with our first dog. We (I) are (am) trying to hold off on buying decorations until November at least, but we did buy our stockings and our tree skirt and the Brian Setzer Orchestra’s Christmas album…all must-haves, if you ask me. Our stockings and tree skirt are from Pottery Barn and will be monogrammed (of course). I’ve attached the pictures! We’ve also started a little bit of our Christmas shopping!

What we feel completely
unprepared to commit to, though, is whether we are going to be a real tree family or a fake tree family. I think the real tree idea is a no-brainer, and it also means there will be less to move when we leave this god-forsaken place next spring. Plus, apparently Montana is good for pine trees and wintery-type outings, like cutting down your own Christmas tree (go figure). Being as how I am not a cold weather or a wind person, I’ll let you know how that outing goes once it happens. I am thinking that I will need to have a lot of coffee (and kahlua) in my system to make it bearable.

In other news, because of the new decision to move to CO Springs or Denver in Spring of 2010, I need to analyze my masters track. I obviously won’t be able to finish the counseling program at UGF, so I am now exploring other options. Colorado State has a Masters in Social Work program at their Colorado Springs location (perfect), and that seems to be the best option. I am actually much more excited about this than the UGF counseling program because I had wanted to get a Masters in Social Work way more than a Masters in Counseling, but basically settled for Counseling because there was no Social Work program anywhere around here. So yay! As of now, though, I’m going to keep taking some classes at UGF in hopes that at least some will transfer (and because they are free).

Hopefully all of this Christmas talk doesn’t mean that it will snow here soon…


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  1. oh my goodness -the stockings and tree skirt are adorable!!! also i’m excited for your move to denver/colorado springs – i know what it is like to be unhappy in a town (aka birmingham, alabama for 3 years of law school! ha!) anyway, i just wanted to stop in and say hello – i hope you are having a great week!!! 🙂

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