Greetings from Portland!

As I write this, I am spending my last night in Portland, OR which at one point was apparently named “North America’s Best Big City” by Money magazine. I’ve been here since late Thursday night (so basically Friday morning), and with the exception of the college fair on Friday morning and Saturday afternoon, I’ve had most of the weekend to explore. I was not feeling brave enough to try to navigate the public transportation system (despite the fact that it is free within the downtown vicinity), so I walked everywhere.

Portland has also been named one of America’s best walking cities. My hotel is right near the Oregon Convention Center which is sort of downtown, but more on the outskirts of downtown (if that makes any sense). It was a mile and a half walk to the center of the downtown area, and that walk included a jaunt through Chinatown! There also happens to be a JCrew and Banana Republic on the other side of that mile and a half which gave me even more incentive to walk. Actually, I really wish I lived in a walking city again…

In addition to getting my shopping fix in, I also had the pleasure of getting to eat good Thai food and Italian food; an event like getting to eat at a good, non-chain restaurant is rare in Great Falls, especially considering Great Falls doesn’t even have a Thai restaurant. And I had the best tiramisu of my life at the Italian restaurant I went to! I also saw Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist which I loved and highly recommend!

I have very few complaints about this trip, but I really, really wish it hadn’t rained the whole time I was here. I also (as always) wish that Brian was able to be here to enjoy the experience with me.

I’ll be heading to Boise tomorrow and will spend this upcoming week in various parts of Idaho. On Friday, I’ll be heading to DC for Chris and Cindy’s wedding!


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