Fall comes early in Montana

This week I (Liz) am traveling across western Montana to attend college fairs. I must say, I feel gipped that the Air Force chose to have a base in Great Falls rather than somewhere in the western part of the state. It is beautiful out here! The trees have already started to change color (too soon in my opinion!), and even though it is not nearly as breath-taking as the foliage in Virginia, it is still pretty. When people talk about how beautiful Montana is, they are talking about this region. And apparently, I have the prettiest drive of all coming up on my way home on Thursday. I’ll be driving near Glacier National Park. I’ve been to Glacier twice, and it is stunning, so I’m excited for the drive; not only will it be a gorgeous drive, but it will also be my drive HOME. By the end of the week, I will have driven approximately 780 miles and will be very ready to be home.

The one thing that has disappointed me so far this trip is that I thought I’d have the opportunity to catch up with everyone on the phone since I have so much driving time. I didn’t take into account, however, that Montana is in the middle of nowhere, and the roads from city-to-city have little or no cell reception. I have had plenty of alone time, though! I’m getting a lot of reading done, both for school and for pleasure.

I’m currently reading Once Upon a Quinceanera by Julia Alvarez which is a book about the history of the “quince”. I recommend it! Then again, I was a Latin American Studies/Spanish major and I love the show “My Super Sweet 16” so it might just be something that’s up my alley only.

Anyway, off to bed! I’ll be exploring Missoula and the University of Montana tomorrow.


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  1. oh my gosh, i totally fell in love with Carter’s Orchard!! I have never been apple picking – so it was so much fun! we definitely had a busy weekend, but i feel like we accomplished so much and definitely still had time to spend together!! i hear you about the long drives – but i absolutely love them when the leaves are changing in virginia. it will be so nice to have seasons again – when i lived in texas we had summer and then it jumped to winter right around december! ha! anyways, i hope you are enjoying your week!!

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