Because the Air Force has us separated from family and friends, we figured that a blog would be the best way to keep all interested parties apprised of what has been going on in our lives since the wedding.

First of all, our wedding week was amazing. It couldn’t have been better. Besides all of the details coming together perfectly, it was touching to have everyone we love the most gathered in the same place in order to help us celebrate our marriage. Everyone had a blast and we really wish we could do it all over again every weekend. It went so fast! We are so grateful for everyone’s presence and generosity.

Now we are back in Montana. It was a rude awakening to come back to 50 degree temperatures and rain! I guess autumn is just around the corner. For now, we have a new house to organize and a dog to take care of. Pictures will be forthcoming.

In terms of the immediate future, Liz goes back to work tomorrow, and Brian will start his upgrade to the 10th Missile Squadron this month. They are both working on their Masters degrees this fall. Liz’s degree will be in Counseling and Brian’s will be in Space Systems Operations.

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